About Pultron

Pioneering smart alternatives to structural materials

Established in 1983, Pultron Composites Ltd is a privately owned industrial technology company that specializes in the development and manufacture of critical part and customised fiber- reinforced polymer (‘FRP’) pultrusions.

Pultrusions – a continuous manufacturing process used to cost-effectively produce FRP structural shapes – represent a fast-growing subset of the broader composites industry. Pultruded profiles are valued for their unique performance properties, including: high strength-to-weight ratio; light weight; corrosion-resistance; low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance; electromagnetic transparency; energy storage capacity; sustained mechanical properties at low temperatures; and dimensional stability.

As a result of these advantages and corresponding economic / system performance benefits, pultrusions are displacing traditional materials in numerous applications.

Pultron is well-regarded for new product innovations, production technology advances and technical expertise, with over 34 years of composites research and development and numerous industry firsts.

The Company has developed 45 new major applications for composites across a broad range of industries, including recreation, agriculture, mining, construction, marine, electrical and industrial markets. Pultron specializes in the design and post-processing of pultrusions, leveraging in-house engineering, design and polymer research capabilities to produce bespoke FRP composite products tailored to be intergated into the customer’s solution/end product.

Among advantages Pultron can, if required, manufacture pultrusions to maximize fatigue resistance and perform well in situations of creep stress.

The Company’s focus on innovation, customer service and international competitiveness has allowed it to cultivate a diverse and loyal customer base and currently offers over 60 products to more than 100 customers in 20 countries across 10 end-markets.

Pultron has two manufacturing sites globally – located in New Zealand and Dubai, UAE – enabling Pultron to provide redundancy of supply, to maintain sourcing flexibility and to better serve its customers.

Strategy and Company Values

Pultron’s strategy is to offer the best performance to price ratio pultruded GFRP products in the world.

The strategy is underpinned by research and development (with an R&DD spend of around 4 x higher than average) to extract the maximum performance from materials, ultimately reducing the volume of material required – thereby offering the most cost effective product to our customers.

The commitment to our customers begins at the research and development stage continues through assistance with IP strategies;, quality assurance methodology, including development of bespoke test procedures where standard test methods are not applicable; and, full customer service and support.

Company Values

Our values are summed up in three words:

• Innovation
• Trust
• One Global Team

These values are part of the reason that after 35 years we are still the sole suppliers of GFRP pultruded products to the customers we began working with during our first year of business.


Our R&D Partners


Pultron takes its responsibility as a good community citizen seriously and sponsors a wide range of personal and community initiatives and events in the arts and music, education, ecology, science and technology, sport and recreation.

Pultron has supported the Gisborne International Music Competition since its inception in 1989 – and it has become an integral part of the Gisborne and New Zealand musical scene for young orchestral musicians. It has been a joy to watch former competitors go on to become leaders in the music world – filling positions in professional orchestras and chamber groups and working as soloists and teachers throughout Australasia and the world. We like to think that Pultron can take a little credit for their success and for contributing to enhancing the social and economic life of the community.

Pultron is proud to be a sponsor of the recent redevelopment of the War Memorial Theatre in Gisborne, New Zealand. The project included a major facelift of the theatre, as well as the expansion of the stage and auditorium, to ensure that the theatre meets the requirements of the Gisborne community for the foreseeable future.

Pultron Composites is proud to have a long-standing association with the Poverty Bay Agricultural & Pastoral Association Spring Show. The Poverty Bay A&P Show includes a vast range of exhibits, events and things for people to do and see.

Global Footprint

With over 30 years of international presence

About mateenbar™

mateenbar™ is Pultron’s proprietary high-performance GFRP reinforcement rod for concrete structures. mateenbar™ is an alternative to steel reinforcement offering distinct advantages: corrosion resistance; non-conductive and non-electromagnetic; low thermal conductivity; non-magnetic; ease of cutting; lightweight; and low environmental impact.