But then Chris, in a moment which did not at all help his

When Sonic is getting squeezed to death by the E 99 Egg Emperor (E 99 Eggsterminator in the dub), Decoe and Bocoe ask Eggman if he’s really going to kill Sonic. He replies in the negative and rants about how, there would no longer be a show if the bad guys won and eliminated the hero. Note that this was a Throw It In! by Chikao Eggman’s Japanese voice actor, as in the original script Eggman didn’t have any lines at this point. Another one that made it into the dub, in “Countdown To Chaos” the military attacks Eggman with tanks copied off of his designs. As he rants about it, Decoe cheerfully holds up pictures of the robots in question from previous episodes for the audience. The Chaotix crew do this all the time. In their first episode, they introduce themselves to the viewers, and then find out what’s been happening in their absence by watching Sonic X on DVD, complete with arguing about whether or not to skip the opening. In Season 3, they complain about not getting enough screen time, with Charmy cheerfully saying “We’re extras!” while Vector argues that they still have an important role in the show. In episode 56 (called “Dr. Eggman Sansen!” in the original and “An Enemy in Need” in the dub), after being defeated by the Metarex Jumpee, Decoe and Bocoe lament that they’re not the heroes of this episode. Bring It: A couple of times, Sonic insults Eggman (or one of his mechs) by turning his back and smacking his own bottom. Broken Aesop: See The Complainer Is Always Wrong example. But Now I Must Go: The first series finale, where our heroes have finally built a portal that will send them all home. But then Chris http://www.rochph.com/not-only-that-but-the-spiny-moles-are-all-named-after-cheese/, in a moment which did not at all help his already shaky status in the fan base pulls the plug on it before Sonic can get through. They say goodbye properly at the end of the episode and it’s (surprisingly) poignant, seeing as the fact that we never actually see Sonic disappear, as well as the revelation that Sonic could have gotten home whenever he wanted to, but chose to stay with Chris. Butt Monkey: Knuckles gets this a lot in later episodes, as do the Chaotix in most of their few appearances. Eggman and his cronies also often play this role in a villainous sense. Members of Chaotix even become Butt Monkeys to each other. Charmy: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Delusional Thinking With Vector! Just look at him go, ladies and gentlemen, he’s out of control! There’s no stopping him!”

Rachel is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from an alternate dystopian future timeline where Robert Kelly was assassinated, and as a result, the Sentinels were allowed to take over the world. She used the Phoenix Force to go back in time to find her mother dead and her father married to Madelyne Pryor. She’s essentially a way to get a Jean Grey type character into the comics when they weren’t allowed to bring Jean back. She was also Marvel’s first (of many) “child from the future” characters. In addition to her mother’s telepathy and telekinesis, Rachel can also send her astral form through time and across realities. She doesn’t do this often though, since the rules of time travel make it largely ineffective. It also turns out her timeline is “special” so she doesn’t need to be born in this one.

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