Technical Capabilities

Pultrusion production
Pultron is focussed on manufacturing composites using the pultrusion process. Our team are
experts in optimising the process to ensure maximum product performance. We also modify
the process to develop hybrid pultrusion systems for specialist applications.

FRP Finishing and post processing technologies
We have many different post-processing operations. These are developed in-house to offer
a finished pultruded part which suits the final application and eliminates further work for our

Composite materials research and testing laboratories
Our in-house laboratory is used for both day-to-day quality control and as a research and
development facility. Our lab team form a critical core of our product development group.

Optimisation of pultrusion resin technology
We offer our customers advice on the most suitable lay-up and matrix formulation for their
applications. Tailoring the resin matrix ensures our customers always get the best value for

Engineering design and modelling for product and process development
Our engineering design team will design the product, equipment to manufacture it and any
specialised test equipment which may be required for quality control.

Engineering workshop facilities
We have full engineering workshops. This means that all equipment required can be
designed and built in-house. This is essential for successful R&D. It also accelerates product development and reduces set-up costs for new products. All pultrusion and specialist finishing equipment is built in our own workshops, helping us maintain full control and build the right equipment for the application.

Intellectual property protection strategies
Our team also assist with IP strategies, helping with patents to protect our customers