Voted for Trump for the same reasons I voted for Obama: They

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wholesale jerseys from china The watch dug (from Shilford garage) attacked the Hurlet bunch and bit Shug Donald. He felled it with one punch and the polis were dispatched. During his statement the polis said “occupation?” and Shug replied “dug food salesman”. 3 points submitted 3 days agoYep, same here. Voted for Trump for the same reasons I voted for Obama: They were outsiders who seemed to care about the issues facing the common people, and were fighting against the establishment and running against a corrupt political dynasty.I supported and believed in Obama the same way I support and believe in Trump; race has nothing to do with it. I sure there Trump supporters out there who hate Obama for his race and love Trump for these alleged “racist dog whistles” he used, but I never met a single one. wholesale jerseys from china

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