How we work

Companies are looking to be more cost-effective, sustainable, and provide a better end-user experience. Pultrusion technology has proven to deliver in these areas and is displacing traditional materials such as timber, steel, PVC, and aluminum.

The foundations of our work is built on gaining a strategic understanding of our customer’s industry and how Pultron can deliver commercial value 

A long-term approach

We take on projects where we see clear commercial advantages for the customers by either improving an existing product or developing a new innovation – effectively harvesting knowledge from our six core competencies.

We invest in one or two major initiatives each year where we see the value an innovative pultrusion solution will deliver to the customer.

First of all, we establish whether our unique value proposition is aligned with your need. We work to a set of governing principals to evaluate whether the new ‘project’ is a good match with our core expertise and investment. This is key to delivering commercial success to our customers and forming successful long-term relationships.

Importantly, the customer manages channels to market and has the relationship with the end-user. We combine this with our focus on innovation and manufacturing efficiencies to strengthen delivery to your customers.

We are active in ongoing product development for our customers. Developments can result in decreased prices, faster production, and improved performance.

Who we work with

Our customers come from a range of industries and are often leaders in their field of expertise. We work with:

  • start-ups with a commercially viable product they want to develop
  • industry leaders or those developing into industry leaders
  • companies that want to have a unique advantage over their competitors
  • large and small scale OEMs reliant on the superior performance FRP composites can deliver
  • companies needing niche/specialty solutions.