New distributors

Pultron has a close-knit group of distribution partners that have operated with integrity and trust for a growing average of 15 years. Our partner validation process broadly covers due diligence in these areas:

  • alignment in company strategy and objectives
  • shared view on market opportunity
  • credible industry knowledge
  • company capabilities relevant to market and technology
  • proven sales and distribution networks
  • involvement of key company leaders.

Pultron brings to the partnership

With an entrepreneurial mindset and the brightest minds in the industry we bring:

  • technological leadership
  • price-performance competitiveness
  • robust Quality Assurance practices supported by ISO 9001 accreditation
  • approvals and test data supported with academic credibility
  • global reference projects in multiple markets
  • research & product development
  • a track record of successful commercial innovation
  • a dedication to developing long-term partnerships.

We provide ongoing technical support and composite advice with the aim to keep our partners competitively ahead in their marketplace.

Importantly, in Pultron New Zealand’s business model, the customer generally manages the channels to market and ultimately ‘owns’ the end-user. Our interest and expertise lie in development – not the end-user. This enables Pultron to focus on innovation and manufacturing efficiencies while Pultron’s distribution partner manages go-to-market activities and investments.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor and would like further information, please contact us.