Product Development

Ongoing product development can deliver reduced pricing, faster production, and improved performance to our customers

We have a 38-year history of product development, pioneering smart alternatives for structural materials. Innovation is built into our culture and, as we have grown, we have continued investment into research, people, and facilities.

Composite Materials Research Laboratory

Pultrusions can be tailormade to suit an application. Our Composite Materials Research (CMR) team has an established laboratory dedicated to pultrusion performance and research. The CMR team has played a key role in delivering:

  • the highest level of quality management using advanced testing equipment
  • optimized bespoke resin formulations
  • further development of pultrusion process technology.

The benefit of having a fully-equipped CMR lab readily available to our customers, we can perform testing and monitoring of all pultrusions.

Engineering for pultruded components

We have a multi-discipline engineering facility. Our engineering team is driven by a design-led mindset to take on complex projects and develop smart solutions.

All pultrusion, finishing, and product testing equipment are designed and engineered at Pultron. We build customized equipment to the highest specifications.

Our engineering team builds equipment for all our manufacturing units – delivering equipment that is fast and to exact specifications. We can increase delivery speed and add further automated upgrades efficiently, to enable consistent mass production of a high quality finished product.

Each pultrusion solution is unique

Pultrusions are displacing traditional materials in many applications. Many of our customers are leaders in the chosen field, looking for an ‘edge’ in competitive markets. This can be by providing improved pricing, performance, complex finishing, or developing a brand new innovation.

We have worked across a range of industries in the last 38 years that have helped us understand the unique challenges of our customers. This is a vital step in the process of developing high performing customized solutions.

  • We developed a vehicle track component designed to face all-terrain, extreme weather conditions, and designed to deal with the demands of traveling over rocks and snowy conditions at high speed. The GFRP composite rod has ultra-high shear, very high fatigue resistance under flexural loads, and fine end-bevelling tolerances.
  • A leading marina design company wanted to design a GFRP rod system to replace steel which corrodes and stainless steel – which is too expensive. To cope with the marine environment, we worked collaboratively to develop the GFRP thru-rod and nut system which is now a patented and award-winning product.
    We were able to design a product with creep resistance and a self-locking nut system that is corrosion-free. The new system outperforms other materials substantially reducing maintenance costs. It has longer design-life and causes no harm to the environment. 

For more examples of our innovations in specific industries, visit our Projects section.

Ongoing product development

We are active in ongoing product development for our customers. Product improvements can include:

  • optimizing resin formulations
  • increasing mechanical performance
  • automating manual processes
  • additional customized quality assurance practices
  • improvement in tailored equipment design.

Developments can result in reduced prices, faster production, or improved performance.