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Hollow Square

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Angles, equal

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Angles, varied

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Customized profiles, finishes, and add-ons

Customized tolerances: Physical and mechanical properties can be customized depending on the requirements for shear strength, modulus, flexural strength and creep resistance. We achieve this by:

  • delivering a bespoke combination of properties
  • modifying resin formulations
  • using hybrid pultrusion techniques.

The result is to have a high performing composite to withstand the demands of use and the environment it is being used in.

Customized profiles: We can design customized shapes specific to your requirements outside of our popular profiles portfolio.

Customized finishing and add-ons: We currently run over 50 finishing technologies. All are built in-house with many bespoke technologies developed to customer requirements. Products and components are assembled on-site with customized add-ons. 


All our profiles below come in various dimensions and sizes. 

The length of the profiles is almost unrestricted. This enables the production of very long pieces which are only limited by the means of transportation (container lengths, truck sizes, or coiled into 27km lengths for small diameter rods).


Specialized finishing and customized profiles can be designed by our product development team including:

  • designing unique shapes
  • a variety of surface finishes
  • engineering new finishing technologies
  • applying end terminators
  • automated testing.