Welcome to Pultron

Pultron Composites is an industrial technology company that specializes in pioneering smart alternatives for structural materials through the development and manufacture of high performance composite fibre reinforced (’FRP’) components.

Our research and development focus gives Pultron the unmatched ability to work closely with our customers to develop components tailored to exacting mechanical and thermo-mechanical requirements.

A leading pultrusion technologist with international manufacturing sites, we are a proven and dependable supplier of consistent, high quality FRP solutions at internationally competitive prices.

Stronger Together.

Our Value Proposition:                     Cost effective solutions in challenging applications

• Track record of innovation and rapid R&D achievement

• GFRP pultrusion experience and experienced staff (35 years)

• Conformance quality and process control – a dependable supplier of consistent quality

• Approvals and comprehensive test data

• Reference projects (multi-application, multi-geographies)

• Trusted within the industry

• Delivery and logistics reliability

• Internationally competitive

mateenbar™ is a substitute for steel reinforcement used in bridge, tunnel, road, electromagnetic, marine and other civil infrastructure. mateenbar™ offers lower cost of life alternatives to a steel reinforced concrete structure and is backed up by international approvals, comprehensive test data, academic research and quality reference projects across almost every application since our first installation over 25 years ago. Please visit our website for further information regarding the advantages of our mateen™ family.

Quick Facts

                               About Pultron

● 35 years of specialising in pultrusion manufacturing technology
● Over 70% of our products are supplied into customer applications as critical components
● Over 20 patents, design registrations and trademarks developed
● ISO International quality certification for over 20 years (since 1993)
● Sole supplier to over 75% of our international customers
● Exporting our products to over 30 countries around the world

• Pultrusion production and hybrid pultrusion technologies
• FRP finishing and post-processing technologies
• Composite materials research and testing laboratories
• Optimization of pultrusion resin technology and FRP formulation
• Engineering design and modelling for product development
• Engineering, electronic, and R&D workshop facilities
• In-house construction of all pultrusion and finishing technologies
• Intellectual Property protection and strategies for FRP