Pultron Composites is an industrial technology company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high performance composite fiber-reinforced pultrusions (‘FRP’) for the international market.

Our research and development focus gives us the unmatched ability to work closely with our customers to develop components tailored to exacting mechanical and thermo-mechanical requirements.

Our focus:

  • Advancing the mechanical and thermo-mechanical performance of round rod and small cavity FRP pultrusions
  • Engineering customized, low cost, high speed, post-processing operations, for the consistent mass production of high quality finished products and components
  • Partnering with customers to provide a one stop source of innovative and cost effective solutions.

We deal in all international currencies and manage sourcing, packaging and logistics requirements to supply a complete solution.

A leading pultrusion technologist with international manufacturing sites, Pultron is a proven and dependable supplier of consistent, high quality FRP solutions at internationally competitive prices.

Please contact us to learn more about how Pultron can work with you.

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Pultron is a solutions provider

Pultrusion production and hybrid pultrusion technologies
FRP finishing and post-processing technologies
Composite materials research and testing laboratories
Optimization of pultrusion resin technology & FRP formulation advice
Engineering design and modelling for product and process development
Engineering, electronic, and R&D workshop facilities
In-house construction of all pultrusion and finishing technologies

We service a wide range of markets






Mining / Oil & Gas



Sewerage & Water Supply


Industrial Applications

Agriculture / Horticulture

FRP pultrusions offer distinct technical or performance advantages

High Strength

High tensile and flexural strength, with a specific strength exceeding that of steel. Stronger than steel on a kg-for-kg basis.


Pultrusions are approximately ¼ the weight of steel and 70% that of aluminium.

Corrosion/Rust or Rot Resistant

Pultrusions are highly resistant to chemical attack, corrosive elements, and cannot rust, making them ideal for marine applications, chemical plants and other environments where steel is unsuitable. Design engineers working in corrosive environments choose GFRP pultrusions (www.mateenbar.com) to extend the lifespan of concrete infrastructure.


Pultrusions are electrically non-conductive.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Low thermal conductivity of GFRP pultrusions provide good insulation properties for concrete structures. This is ideal in environmentally friendly homes and structures designed for low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Pultrusions also exhibit excellent mechanical properties at extremely low temperatures.


Pultrusion are transparent to radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies.


Non-magnetic reinforcement is essential for areas close to magnetic apparatus - such as hospital MRI rooms, compass calibration areas and certain high-voltage applications. Steel reinforcement is unsuitable because the magnetic properties interfere with sensitive equipment.

Dimensional Stability

Coefficient of thermal expansion of pultrusions is less than steel and aluminium.

Dimensionally Accurate

Pultrusions can be manufactured to extreme tolerances.

Pultrusions outperform conventional materials

Pultron’s high-performance composite solutions provide high tensile strength, price-performance advantages, and enhanced durability versus traditional materials.

International Academic/Institute collaboration:

University of Toronto, Canada
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
University of North Carolina, USA
Owens Corning, USA
American University Sharjah, UAE
American University in Dubai, UAE
United Arab Emirates University, UAE
King Saud University, KSA
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Robinson Research Institute, New Zealand
QUEST Integrity NZL Limited, New Zealand
Applied Engineering Research Limited, New Zealand


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